Friday, January 26, 2007

23: Take A Number

I picked up a several CDs this week (7). A few (3) are represented in this set. Many others will get some airplay on upcoming shows.

Some notes (3) on the songs: The Bird and the Bee features an amazing singer named Inara George; the America song is a cover of a Nada Surf song and features Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne and James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins; Page France was mentioned to me by a co-worker in passing and I coincidentally came across a track this evening while preparing the playlist and, well, me likey.

Dime No. 23: Take A Number

Sloan "Who Taught You to Live Like That?" (from Never Hear The End Of It; 2007)
Cliff Hillis "Two of the Same" (from Better Living Through Compression; 2004)
The Bird and the Bee "Again & Again" (from The Bird And The Bee; 2007)
America "Always Love" (from Here and Now; 2007)
Page France "Me, Violin and Dancing Bear" (from Page France and the Family Telephone; 2007)
Of Montreal "Suffer For Fashion" (from Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer; 2007)
Myracle Brah "When She Comes Around" (from Treblemaker; 2003)
Brendan Benson "Sittin' Pretty" (from One Mississippi; 1996)
The Broken West "Down in the Valley" (from I Can't Go On, I'll Go On; 2006)
The Tories "Spaceships in the Sky" (from Wonderful Life; 1997)

Friday, January 19, 2007

22: Smiles In Stereo

Just another hodgepodge of new discoveries and recent re-discoveries for your amusement.

Dime No. 22: Smiles In Stereo

The Feeling "Fill My Little World" (from Twelve Stops and Home; 2006)
Sean Lennon "Wait For Me" (from Friendly Fire; 2006)
Harvey Danger "Cool James" (from Little By Little; 2005)
Cloud Eleven "Van Gogh Smiles" (from Orange and Green and Yellow and Near; 2002)
The Winnerys "Get Into My Life" (from Daily Urban Times; 2006)
The Wondermints "In and Around Greg Lake" (from Bali; 1998)
Lucky Soul "Lips Are Unhappy" (from the single Lips Are Unhappy; 2006)
The Shins"Fighting In A Sack" (from Chutes Too Narrow; 2003)
Snowglobe "Regime" (from Doing The Distance; 2004)
Cotton Mather "Lost My Motto (Millenium Chrome Version)" (from Hotel Baltimore; 2000)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

21: I Guess We're All Sober

It's still Friday night in most of the US, so nyah nyah...

Some notes on this set, Larry King-style: Jellyfish's Roger Manning plays Wurlitzer on the Format song...L.E.O. is comprised of many of my favorite artists—Bleu, Mike Viola, Andy Sturmer—playing in the style of various incarnations of Electric Light Orchestra, although this track is mostly Bleu...I was made aware of Nerina Pallot's song through a post by one of my Livejournal friends and, of course, I can't get it out of my head now...Members of The Tripwires are, or have been, a part of Young Fresh Fellows and Minus 5...enjoy.

Dime No. 21: I Guess We're All Sober

The Format "Time Bomb" (from Dog Problems; 2006)
The Postmarks "Goodbye" (from The Postmarks; 2006)
L.E.O. "Don't Let It Go" (from Alpacas Orgling; 2006)
Edmund's Crown "Damsel" (from Regrets Of A Company Man; 2006)
Nerina Pallot "Everybody's Gone To War" (from Fires; 2005)
The Tripwires "I Hear This Music" (from an upcoming 2007 album)
Sloan "Stand by Me, Yeah" (from Navy Blues; 1998)
The Jennifers "Lazy Stalker" (from Colors From The Future; 2007) [BUY IT HERE]
Willie Wisely "Through Any Window" (from Parador; 2006)
Owsley "Zavelow House" (from Owsley; 1999)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

20: So Many Songs, So Little Time

Yeah, yeah. So this is way late again. But I've included some covers and a new Apples In Stereo song I only just came across tonight. Now I need to sleep until next week!

Dime No. 20: So Many Songs, So Little Time

The Andersons "Temporary Secretary" (from Coming Up: Independent Artists Pay Tribute To Paul McCartney; 2001)
The Merrymakers "A Fine Line" (from Bubblegun; 1997)
The Apples In Stereo "Energy" (from New Magnetic Wonder; in stores February 2007)
Marykate O'Neil "Pleasant Valley Sunday" (from Through The Looking Glass: Indie Pop Plays The Monkees; 2000)
Cliff Hillis "So Much to Tell You" (from Better Living Through Compression; 2004)
Fountains of Wayne "Better Things" (from This Is Where I Belong: The Songs of Ray Davies; 2002)
Frente! "Most Beautiful" (from Marvin The Album; 1994)
Lovetones "Mantra" (from Meditations; 2005)
Paper Airplane Pilots "The Way It Goes" (from Western Automatic Music; 2006)
The Connells "Stone Cold Yesterday" (from One Simple Word; 1990)

Monday, January 01, 2007

19: Nappy Blue Beer

You survived another year, although last night was sort of sketchy. There was a lot of alcohol involved and you vaguely remember flashing blue lights, but you just know this will be a good year despite all the evidence around as you awaken in the loving embrace of an arm that bears a great deal of hair and a tattoo that says "Mutha." Happy new year.

Dime No. 19: Nappy Blue Beer

Steely Dan "Things I Miss the Most" (from Everything Must Go; 2003)
K's Choice "Another Year" (from Almost Happy; 2000)
The Beautiful South "This Will Be Our Year" (from Golddiggas, Headnodders, and Pholk Songs; 2004)
Emm Gryner "Hello Aquarius" (from Public; 1998)
Magnetic Fields "The Night You Can't Remember" (from 69 Love Songs; 1999)
Owsley "Good Old Days" (from Owsley; 1999)
Splitsville "Yearbook" (from Ultrasound; 1996)
Cheap Trick "All Those Years" (from Rockford; 2006)
The Confusions "Days Go By" (from Trampoline; 2002)
John Lennon "Imagine" (from Imagine; 1971)