Monday, January 01, 2007

19: Nappy Blue Beer

You survived another year, although last night was sort of sketchy. There was a lot of alcohol involved and you vaguely remember flashing blue lights, but you just know this will be a good year despite all the evidence around as you awaken in the loving embrace of an arm that bears a great deal of hair and a tattoo that says "Mutha." Happy new year.

Dime No. 19: Nappy Blue Beer

Steely Dan "Things I Miss the Most" (from Everything Must Go; 2003)
K's Choice "Another Year" (from Almost Happy; 2000)
The Beautiful South "This Will Be Our Year" (from Golddiggas, Headnodders, and Pholk Songs; 2004)
Emm Gryner "Hello Aquarius" (from Public; 1998)
Magnetic Fields "The Night You Can't Remember" (from 69 Love Songs; 1999)
Owsley "Good Old Days" (from Owsley; 1999)
Splitsville "Yearbook" (from Ultrasound; 1996)
Cheap Trick "All Those Years" (from Rockford; 2006)
The Confusions "Days Go By" (from Trampoline; 2002)
John Lennon "Imagine" (from Imagine; 1971)

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