Saturday, March 31, 2007

35: Faux Indie Cred

Another late edition. It's just been a busy week here in the 'Quan.

I don't know yet if I'm going to do an April Fools' Day show. I have a couple ideas floating around, but pulling ten tracks together for either concept may prove too daunting.

Finally, if you're in the DC area, Andy Zipf is playing Galaxy Hut tomorrow night and don't forget about Lucky Day playing the Cherry Blossom festival next week (Thursday and Saturday).

Dime No. 35: Faux Indie Cred

Dead City Radio "Indie Chick" (from poprocks+soda=kaboom!!!; 2006)
Brown Eyed Susans "Gerald the Mouse (Likes It on Top)" (from Afternoon Tea; 1998)
Teo Leo and the Pharmacists "Colleen" (from Living With The Living; 2007)
Signal To Noise "The Weather Machine" (from Kodiak; available June 2007)
Moxie "I'll Try"
Program The Dead "Let Me Inside" (from Ginger; 2007)
The Jennifers "Lion In Winter" (from Colors From The Future; 2007)
8MM "Quicksand" (from Songs To Love and Die By...; 2006)
The Monikers "Never Sleep" (from Esperanto; 2007)
Spudnik "Fake I.D." (from Paper Hat Boat EP; 2006)

Total Time—36:52

Friday, March 23, 2007

34: A Rainy Spring Night By The Radio

This episode's another all podsafe show. All the songs came from the Podsafe Music Network. Please go and check out the artists' pages and, if you like the music, buy their CDs, preferably directly from the artist since they get a better chunk of the dollars they deserve. I forgot to mention that Black Tie revue is playing Iota in Arlington, VA, on April 20th. If you're going to go see them (or Lucky Day) live, buy their CDs at the show. Support the artist. Don't support the RIAA goons who all believe you're a thief anyway.

Dime No. 34: A Rainy Spring Night By The Radio

Sunshine Variety Club "The Girl With The Crooked Smile"
Undo Silence "All Those Songs"
Jesse Malin (with Bruce Springsteen) "Broken Radio" (from Glitter In The Gutter; 2007)
The Fire Apes "Hey Kate!" (from The Fire Apes EP; 2006)
Holding Back Entirely "It Doesn't Matter" (from Holding Back Entirely; 2005)
Ayla Brown "Know You Better" (from Forward; 2006)
Lucky Day "Rainy Days" (from All My Rainy Days EP; 2006)
Black Tie Revue "Absent Radio" (from Code Fun; out April 17th)
The Pierces "Secret" (from Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge; 2007)
Jonathan Coulton "Not About You" (from Thing A Week Three; 2006)

Total Time—33:22

Saturday, March 17, 2007

33: I Can Tell You're Down For A Melody

It's been one long, freakin' night, folks. I'm not sure if you can hear the cold in my voice tonight, but I'm getting over something that was probably brought on by the weather going from freezing up to 70 degrees and further down to snow and freezing rain in less than a week.

And I flubbed a couple bits of info that I should probably correct here: Splitsville's CD is "The Complete Pet Soul," and Crooked Fingers is not new or "newish," but have been around the whole decade. Not sure where my head was at tonight but wherever it was, it was certainly very stuffed up.

Dime No. 33: I Can Tell You're Down For A Melody

Splitsville "Forever" (from The Complete Pet Soul; 2001)
The Vinyl Strangers "Sweet Little Afterthought" (from The Vinyl Strangers; 2006)
Light FM "Never Gonna Get Up"
Scamper "Sophie" (from Leave Your Glasses On; 2004)
The Plus Ones "You've Been Had" (from On The List EP; 2000)
Sundown Caffeine "Last Star" (from Sundown Caffeine and Nothing Wasted; 2007)
Spencer Tricker "Hey Jessica" (from Logic; 2007)
Sunspot "Prozac Girl" (from Loser of the Year; 2003)
Crooked Fingers "Call To Love" (from Dignity and Shame; 2005)
The Jellybricks "Brand New Sunglasses" (from Soapopera; 1999)

Total Time—32:27

Friday, March 09, 2007

32: Ten-Leaf Clover

It's another show packed full of fun music, much of it from the Podsafe Music Network! And, if you're in the DC area in early April, Lucky Day will be performing for the third consecutive year at the Cherry Blossom Festival on the 5th and the 7th. Maybe I'll see you there.

Edit: Small oopsie if you've already downloaded and listened to the first take. After I uploaded tonight's show, I discovered the glitchy audio and re-recorded. My humblest apologies if you endured that. I guess because of the lack of monitoring on this USB microphone, I'll have to check the audio before I upload each week. Which may very well result in a few more late shows.

Dime No. 32: Ten-Leaf Clover

Rotten Cheri "Things I Hate About You"
Maritime "Tearing Up The Oxygen" (from We, The Vehicles; 2006)
The 1900s "Bring The Good Boys Home" (from Plume Delivery EP; 2006)
Lucky Day "Time Will Only Know" (from All My Rainy Days EP; 2006)
Alec Berlin "Everything I Want" (from Beauty, Grazing At The Trough; 2006)
The Telepathic Butterflies "The Cutting Elm" (from Songs From A Second Wave; 2004)
Starcode "Ordinary" (from Hum; 2005)
Robyn Tymm "Telephone Line" (unreleased, 2007)
The Village Green "When The Creepers Creep In" (from Feeling The Fall; 2006)
Motocade "State and Maine" (from Into The Fall EP; 2006)
Total Time—36:52

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Friday, March 02, 2007

31: Mic'ed Up At Last

Hey, Ed here. I bought a microphone. I've been playing with it and used it in this week's show to pretend I'm a DJ. The microphone actually sounds pretty good. There are, however, still issues. The issues are less about the microphone now and more about me working on various aspects of what I'm going to tentatively call my "technique." I know I rushed through the first break. The first three songs were longer and I wasn't sure if I'd put myself over my forty minute ceiling, so I intentionally rushed. As the show progressed, with some shorter songs, I realized I had more time than I thought. And, among other things, the closing could really use some work.

But the music is stellar. I only wish I could take the credit there. But the credit goes to the amazing artists and bands listed below. Visit their websites and buy their music. All are independent artists; none are RIAA-sponsored.

Dime No. 31: Mic'ed Up At Last

Otter Petter "Winter Days" (from Otter Petter EP; 2005)
Let's Go Sailing "Sideways" (from The Chaos In Order; available March 27,2007)
Bright Eyes "Four Winds" (from Cassadega; available April 10, 2007)
Ferraby Lionheart "Before We're Dead (New Orleans Song)"
Headlights "TV" (from Kill Them With Kindness; 2006)
Illinois "Screen Door" (from What The Hell Do I Know?; available on Tuesday)
The Makes Nice "Candy Wrapper" (from Candy Wrapper and Twelve Other Songs; 2007)
The Maybellines "Battleship" (from Chatfield Holiday; 2002)
Kristoffer Ragnstam "Breakfast By The Mattress" (from Sweet Bills; 2006)
Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin "Oregon Girl" (from Broom; 2006)

Total Time—33:06