Monday, April 30, 2007

41: On and On and On and On

Another special Monday show of odds and ends to finish out April. No trivia question on this one, though. That's for the regular Friday shows.

Dime No. 41: On and On and On and On

Her Space Holiday "A Match Made In Texas" (from The Past Presents The Future, 2005)
Terrene "Fifty-One" (from The Indifferent Universe, 2007)
Suckerpunch "Pick It Up" (unreleased, 2004) PMN
Andrew Ryan "About To Break" (from Summer and Fall, 2007)
Jessica Mellott "How Can You Say?"
Senor Happy "Echoes and Falls" (from I'm Sorry, 2007)
Rock Feller "Too Late" (from C'mon Everybody, 2007)
Robin Tymm "Whole Lies and Half Truths"
Dead World Leaders "Alarm"
Phil Ayoub "River To Ocean" (from Schoolbus Window Paper heart, 2005)

Total Time—35:33

Friday, April 27, 2007

40: Call Me A Dummy...

Another good show. An extra little note about The Offcutts that I forgot to mention in the show. The new album is streaming at their myspace page and you should definitely check it out, if only for the rockin' cover of Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."

Also, there's a slight glitch in the Fake track. The glitch occurs 35 minutes and 19 seconds into the podcast. This was a glitch in the original file that I didn't discover until recording time and because it isn't too annoying, I'm leaving it in. But, minor as it is, I thought you should still be prepared for it.

Dime No. 40: Call Me A Dummy...

The Offcutts "Fearless Fighters" (from What Happened Don't Lie, 2007)
The Redding Brothers "Chauvet" (from The Physics of Immortality, 2007)
Full Minute Of Mercury "Your Own Disaster" (from their yet to be titled CD, available June 2007)
Fishing For Comets "Acrobat" (from Scattered Among The Archipelago, 2006)
The Kellys "Up to Believe" (from Overture EP, 2007)
Leerone "To Fill The Void" (from her upcoming debut album, May 2007)
Fireking "Rebel Rouser" (from Live A Little, Love A Little, 2001)
The Queue "Killer On The Run" (from The White Label Demos EP, 2007)
Fake "I'm Waiting For The Man"
Everyone But Pete "The Fallout" (from Carry On EP, May 22, 2007)

Total Time—40:52

What Happened Don't Lie

Download "Fearless Fighters" (mp3)
from "What Happened Don't Lie"
by Offcutts
Rubber Records

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Carry On

Download "The Fallout" (mp3)
from "Carry On"
by Everyone But Pete
Quickstar Productions

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Friday, April 20, 2007

39: Nothing To Lose, So Much To Gain

Some fun new tracks in this episode and a trivia question. Also, I meant to mention in the show that one of my new favorite bands, Lucky Day, will be at RnR Bar and Lounge in DC tomorrow (Saturday) night at 9.

Dime No. 39: Nothing To Lose, So Much To Gain

Jarvis Cocker "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time" (from Jarvis, 2007)
The Icicles "Crazy" (from Arrivals and Departures, 2007)
Scott Brookman "The Man From Operations" (from The Man From Operations EP, 2007)
Codaphonic "Can We Talk?" (from Good Morning Radio EP, 2006)
Josh Ryan "Not Today" (from Not Today EP, 2006)
The Stone Coyotes "Party Down The Hall" (from Dreams Of Glory, 2006)
The Voyces "Kissing Like Its Love" (from Kissing Like It's Love, 2007)
Geoff Smith "Set The Music Free"
Todd Carey "Friday Night" (from Watching Waiting, 2007)
Guards of Metropolis "Whatever It Is" (from Whatever It Is EP, 2007)

Total Time—40:38

Download "Crazy" (mp3)

from "Arrivals & Departures"
by The Icicles
Microindie Records

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Download "The Man From Operations" (mp3)

from "The Man From Operations"
by Scott Brookman
Lost Cat Records

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Download "Not Today" (mp3)

from "Not Today"
by Josh Ryan
The Velvet Farm

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Download "Kissing Like It's Love" (mp3)

from "Kissing Like It's Love"
by The Voyces
Planting Seeds Records

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Download "Friday Night" (mp3)

from "Watching Waiting"
by Todd Carey
High Wire Music

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Monday, April 16, 2007

38: Odds and Ends

A special Monday episode. I get the day off and everyone benefits. I'll probably be doing one of these Odds and Ends episodes every so often just to clear out the inbox. See you on Friday with ten more tracks.

Dime No. 38: Odds and Ends

Grimskunk "Wakin' and Bakin'" (from Fires Under The Road, 2006)
Belle and Sebastian "Sukie In The Graveyard" (from The Life Pursuit, 2006)
Nathan Wiley "High Low" (from High Low, 2004)
Ben Vega "Bury The Times" (from Remove The Stones, 2007)
annemarie "Apple (Suicide On Your Stereo Set)" (from The Living Model EP, 2005)
Chad Farran "Another Roll" (from Another Ride, 2005)
Ethereal "This Is Rome" (from Albatross, 2006)
The Vara-Tones "Thingamajig" (from Headin' Out, 2005)
The Mod-est Lads "Sputnik Spy From Outer Space" (from Trouser Load of Love, 2003)
Jennifer O'Connor "Exeter, Rhode Island" (from Over The Mountain, Across The Valley and Back To The Stars, 2006)

Total Time—35:17

Friday, April 13, 2007

37: So It Goes

I started this thing called a podcast on a Friday the 13th. Six months later, it's another Friday the 13th. Only now one of my favorite authors is no longer amid the living.

Dime No. 37: So It Goes

Fountains of Wayne "New Routine" (from Traffic and Weather, 2007)
Arthur Yoria "She Looks Like You" (from I'll Be Here Awake, 2003)
Dylan In The Movies "City Skies" (from So Long City Skies 7" vinyl split, 2007)
High Child "I Tell All My Secrets To My Guitar" (from New Direction, 2003)
The National Pool "AO1" (from The National Pool, 2006)
Andy Davis "Good Life" (from Fine China EP, 2007)
Annex "You Brought It On Yourself"
The Fire Apes "Wonder" (from A Perfect Day For Bananafish, 1998)
Nextdoor "Suzie Q" (from The Art of Growing Up EP, 2007)
Ambrosia "Nice, Nice, Very Nice" (from Ambrosia, 1975)

Total Time—40:09

Friday, April 06, 2007

36: Just Another Bull In A China Shop

Good Friday and Happy Easter everyone. I just realized this week that next Friday will be the six month mark for this podcast. I'm not planning anything special, of course, just noting that it kind of snuck up on me. As noted at the end of the show, Exit Clov will be playing The Black Cat in DC on April 11. I also meant to mention that, if you're in Carrboro, NC, they'll be playing Cat's Cradle tomorrow night. But I forgot to write it down before the show and I have a crappy memory.

And, hey!, the new Fountains of Wayne CD came out on Tuesday. Everyone agrees it's a top notch disc (except some guy at Pitchfork). I'm especially digging "'92 Suburu."

Dime No. 36: Just Another Bull In A China Shop

Paper Or Plastic "West Virginia" (from Best of Luck to Cody James!; 2006)
Mumpsy "64 Colors" (from 3 People; 2007)
The Arctic Monkeys "Baby I'm Yours" (from Leave Before The Lights Come On CD-Single; 2006)
The Never "The Astronaut" (from The Never; 2004)
The Cocktail Revisionists "Heisenberg's A Jerk" (from A Murder Of Crows; 2002)
Everybody Else "Born To Do" (from Everybody Else; 2006)
future clouds and radar "Drugstore Bust" (from future clouds and radar; 2007)
The Corner Laughers "You Two Are The Ones" (from Tomb of Leopards; 2006)
Red Planet "Heather Jones" (from Revolution 33; 2000)
Exit Clov "Working Class Hero" (from Jolly Roget Sessions EP; 2006)

Total Time—35:29

Monday, April 02, 2007

New Feature

The blog now has a nifty little button near the bottom of the column at left labeled "Google Calendar." Adding this public calendar to your Google Calendar will allow you to see when certain artists that have been played on the podcast will be appearing near you.

If you're an artist or group that's been played on the show and would like your dates listed, email a list or link to a list to suitcase.full.of.dimes at gmail. Likewise if you'd prefer they not be displayed on the calendar, just drop me a line and I'll take 'em down.

Going to see these people live is what it's all about. Support your favorite artists by going to see them live and buying their CDs at the shows.

Oops Update: Seems I forgot to save the template changes. All better now.