Friday, May 25, 2007

48: Chinese Fire Drill

I recorded this late Thursday night for an early Friday posting. So nobody is allowed to complain that this one went up late. Not sure if there will be a Memorial Day show yet or not. It'll depend on how my weekend goes. But for now, enjoy this one.

Dime No. 48: Chinese Fire Drill

Holtz "Fall In Love With Me" (from Leaving New York, 2007)
The Time Beings "Make Up Your Mind" (from Journey To Tyme With The Time Beings, 2007)
The Queue "God Save The Queen" (from The White Label Demos, 2007)
John Hoskinson "Uncharacteristic (It Must Be You)" (from Miscellaneous Heathen, 2006)
Ingrid Michaelson "Breakable" (from Girls and Boys, 2006)
Moxie "Come Around" (from Retrospective, 2007)
Rachael Sage "Wildflower" (from The Blistering Sun, 2006)
The K's "Thirteen Steps" (from Can't Get It Together)
The Kellys "That Day" (from Overture EP, 2007)
The Mooney Suzuki "99 Percent" (from Have Mercy, available June 19, 2007)

Total Time—38:04

Leaving New York

Download "Fall In Love With Me" (mp3)
from "Leaving New York"
by Holtz
All Star Rising

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    The Blistering Sun

    Download "Wildflower" (mp3)
    from "The Blistering Sun"
    by Rachael Sage
    MPress Records

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    Monday, May 21, 2007

    47: Hooked Again

    Another Monday bonus! This one's is like those annual episodes of Friends where they all have flashbacks and remember things from previous episodes. Only I'm the only "friend" and all the flashbacks are songs I've played recently. But these are some of the best ones; songs that have managed to stick in my brain well after the show is over. Hopefully, they'll do the same for you.

    Dime No. 47: Hooked Again

    Andy Davis "Good Life" (from Fine China EP, 2007)
    The Pierces "Secret" (from Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge, 2007)
    The Fire Apes "Hey Kate!" (from The Fire Apes EP, 2006)
    The Cocktail Revisionists "Heisenberg's A Jerk" (from A Murder of Crows, 2002)
    Fireking "Rebel Rouser" (from Live A Little, Love A Little, 2001)
    Everyday Atlas "Be A Reason" (from Your Move, 2006)
    The Stone Coyotes "Party Down The Hall" (from Dreams of Glory, 2006)
    The Daisy Riots "Girls Don't Play Legos" (from Sandhills Demos, 2007)
    edibleRed "Sugar and Spring" (from Welcome To My Bad Behavior, available tomorrow, May 22, 2007)
    Geoff Smith "Digg The Code"

    Total Time—37:00

    Friday, May 18, 2007

    46: Your Getaway Car

    My vacation has officially begun. No big trips planned, though, so you may get another bonus show next week. The big fiftieth show is on the horizon. Audio comments are welcome.

    Dime No. 46: Your Getaway Car

    The Cribs "Men's Needs" (from Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever, available May 21, 2007 in the UK)
    Everyday Atlas "Radio Song" (from Your Move, 2006)
    AtomicTom "You Always Get What You Want"
    Sheila Swift "Feel Like I Do" (from The Shape of Things, 2007)
    Carlina "The Most Perfect Word"
    Full Minute Of Mercury "That Song Is Stuck In My Head" (from Alive Again, 2005)
    Josh Zuckerman "Something Inside" (from Out From Under, 2006)
    Vatican DC "Danger To Myself" (from Make It Ride, 2007)
    The Krinkles "Best Friend" (from 3: The Mordorlorff Collection, available May 29, 2007)
    Skeptic Eleptic "Come On" (from New Kicks, coming in 2007)

    Total Time—35:09

    Monday, May 14, 2007

    45: Jumpin' All Around

    I went back and forth as whether I wanted to record this tonight or wait for Friday, but in the end I just did it. Enjoy!

    Dime No. 45: Jumpin' All Around

    Plastic Palace Alice "Empire Falls" (from Empire Falls EP)
    3 Feet Up "Can't Hate The Hater" (from I Will Fear No Evil, 2007)
    Last Minute "I'd Never Thought" (from Last Minute EP, 2006)
    Chris Church "Sugarcoat"
    Sundown Caffeine "Nine Rivers"
    Senor Happy "Get Up and Go Out" (from I'm Sorry, 2007)
    Jeff Mallon "Molly"
    Shannon Wright "Everybody's Got Their Own Part To Play" (from Let In The Light, 2007)
    Ember Swift "Some Fine Day" (from The Dirty Pulse, 2006)
    Geoff Smith "If This Geek Ruled The World"

    Total Time—35:19

    Sunday, May 13, 2007

    44: Hi Mom!

    I haven't done a themed show in months, so Happy Mother's Day. This one's all podsafe. If you like what you hear, check out the artist's other tracks and definitely let them know where you heard their music.

    Dime No. 44: Hi Mom!

    Hector On Stilts "Mom's In Love Again" (from Same Height Relation, 2005)
    Bender X "Soccer Mom" (from Hooks, 2003)
    Paul and Storm "Mother's Day Song" (from News To Us, 2006)
    The Blue Alarm "When Mothers Conspire" (from Astronauts and Angels, 2004)
    Trucker Cleavage "Single Mother"
    The Alice Project "Happy Mother's Day" (available online at the Podsafe Music Network)
    Kevin Reeves "Mother" (from It's About Time, 2006) (available online at the Podsafe Music Network)
    The Happy, Happy Jihads "Martians Ate My Mom"
    Jordan Doucette "Dear Mother" (from Lie To You, 2004)
    The Court and Spark "Your Mother Was The Lightning" (from Hearts, 2006)

    Total Time—36:34

    Download "Your Mother Was The Lightning" (mp3)

    from "Hearts"
    by The Court and Spark
    Absolutely Kosher

    Buy at eMusic

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    Saturday, May 12, 2007

    43: A Drink Made of Passion

    Excellent music in this episode from Harper, Tonic's Emerson Hart, and the late great Elliott Smith.

    Dime No. 43: A Drink Made of Passion

    Revision "Don't Be Fooled"
    Harper "Get Out Of This Mess" (from Day By Day, 2007)
    Elliott Smith "High Times" (from New Moon, 2007)
    Everyday Atlas "Be A Reason" (from Your Move, 2006)
    The Eisenhowers "Everything's Not Enough"
    The Bulldogs "The Fire's Light" (from The Subsonic Reel, 2006)
    Emerson Hart "If You're Gonna Leave" (from Cigarettes and Gasoline, 2007)
    Laura Hughes "Benefit of the Doubt"
    Josh Woodward "Darien Gap"
    The Brown Hornets "Jellyroll"

    Total Time—39:16

    Day By Day
    Download "Get Out Of This Mess"

    from "Day By Day"
    by Harper
    Blind Pig Records

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      New Moon
      Download "High Times" (mp3)

      from "New Moon"
      by Elliott Smith
      Kill Rock Stars

      Buy at Kill Rock Stars

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      Saturday, May 05, 2007

      42: A Sweet Evil Thing

      Very late tonight. I got stuck in PetSmart talking to this crazy cat lady for-freakin-ever! That's my excuse for a late episode: cornered by a crazy cat lady! Of course, the more I think about it, the more I wonder if I'm not the crazy cat guy.

      Anyway, good show tonight despite the delays. And the big flub in the third break (it's no longer if I flub, but when; if you had 28 minutes and 54 seconds in the pool this week, you're the big winner!). Well, at least the music is great. And relatively free of cats.

      Dime No. 42: A Sweet Evil Thing

      Chris Hardy "Help Me Get The Picture"
      Chris Church "You Better Move On Now, Baby" (from Let The Echo Decide, 2004)
      Geoff Smith "Digg The Code"
      Fireking "Blue" (from Live A Little, Love A Little, 2001)
      Dropkick "Can't Help It" (from Turning Circles, 2007)
      edibleRed "Sugar and Spring" (from Welcome To My Bad Behavior, Available on May 22nd, 2007)
      Junior "She's So Amazing" (from Are We Famous Yet?, Available on June 5, 2007)
      The Tattle Tales "Armageddon Girl" (from Hearts In Tune, 2006)
      Grand Atlantic "Smoke and Mirrors" (from This Is Grand Atlantic, 2007)
      The Daisy Riots "Girls Don't Play Lego" (from Sandhills Demos, 2007)

      Total Time—33:14