Thursday, February 28, 2008

Updated Contact Info!

There are several ways of contacting me here.
  1. Email me at ed-at-suitcasefullofdimes-dot-com (gmail allows you to attach largish files to emails, in case you wanted to send an audio comment as an mp3);
  2. You can also leave a voicemail by calling the hotline at 703.791.1695
  3. Leave a comment on one of the many blog posts;
  4. Contact me via snailmail (if you're an artist mailing physical CDs or printed matter, for instance) at:
    Suitcase Full of Dimes
    c/o Ed Lynn
    PO Box 535
    Occoquan, VA 22125
  5. Social Networking Links
    1. Facebook:;
    2. follow me on Twitter:;
    3. MySpace (as a last resort):;
Alternate methods will be added as they present themselves.

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