Wednesday, October 31, 2007

69: Boo Two

Is this episode a Trick or a Treat? You decide.

Dime No. 69: Boo Two

Kacey Jones "Apples Dipped In Candy" (from Kacey Jones Sings Mickey Newbury, 2006) Buy the CD
Hollow Horse "Ghost" (from Five Year Diary, 2003) Buy the CD
Nathan Wiley "Graveyard" (from The City Destroyed Me, 2007) Buy the CD
The Spindles "Stu The Vampire"
The Grey Race "Screaming's Not An Option" (from The Grey Race EP, 2007)
The Eisenhowers "Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein" (from Almost Half-Undressed, 2006)
Phonocaptors "Devil" (from Call It What You Want..., 2004)
Common Ground "Monsters" (from Take 3, 2004) Buy the CD
Fishing For Comets "Halloween" (from Scattered Among The Archipelago, 2006) Buy the CD
Jonathan Coulton "Re: Your Brains" (from Thing-A-Week III, 2006) Buy the CD

Total Time—40:16

Saturday, October 13, 2007

68: Sands of Love and Lust

We just blew out the candle on the birthday cake and have a new show up, with some (hopefully) familiar names sprinkled in.

Dime No. 68: Sands of Love and Lust

The Pursuit "All The Things I Hate" (from The Secret To Life Is..., 2007) Buy the CD
Man Bites God "Pareidolia Now" (from Peppermint Superfrog, 2007)
Shannon Hurley "Where I Stand" (from Ready To Wake Up, 2007)
Brian Setzer Orchestra "One More Night With You" (from Wolfgang's Big Night Out, 2007)
Billy Falcon "Better Than A Girl" (from Made Man, 2006) Buy the CD
The Eisenhowers "South of Love"
Anthony Rankin "Under The Radar" (from The Distance, 2007) Buy the CD
Jen Elliott & Bluestruck "Blue Fog" (from 8 Days Down, 2006) Buy the CD
Iron and Wine "Boy With A Coin" (from The Shepherd's Dog, 2007)
Joe Shade "Nickel and Dime"

Total Time—34:11