Friday, June 29, 2007

53: A Frequency To Change Your Mind

Not as many new tracks as usual, lots of tied up tongues on my part (I think there was something in my water), and an exciting announcement. What more could you ask for? Seriously, I'd like to know!

Dime No. 53: A Frequency To Change Your Mind

The Parties "What's Your Name?" (from The Parties EP, 2007)
Frank Royster "Kristina" (from Thru The Years, 2006)
Panic! At The Disco "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" (from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, 2005)
Two Hours Traffic "Stuck For The Summer" (from Little Jabs, available on July 24, 2007)
Josh Zuckerman "Out From Under" (from Out From Under, 2006)
Laura Hughes "Stars"
Splitsville "White Dwarf" (from Incorporated, 2004)
Katie Todd "Face Down" (from Make Some Time For Wasting, 2005)
The Nadas "Listen Through The Static" (from Listen Through The Static, 2005)
Curious "Perfect Girl" (from Curious EP, 2006)

Total Time—36:12

The Parties

Download "What's Your Name" (mp3)
from "The Parties"
by The Parties
Three Ring Records

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    Little Jabs

    Download "Stuck For The Summer" (mp3)
    from "Little Jabs"
    by Two Hours Traffic
    Bumstead Productions Ltd.

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      Tuesday, June 26, 2007

      The Day The (Streaming) Music Died

      No, music fans, there isn't a problem with your Web connection -- it's just that many Internet radio stations are deliberately offline today. More...

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      Saturday, June 23, 2007

      52: You Speak In Volumes

      After a very unfortunate technical difficulty with the USB microphone I use that made me sound a lot like Marcel Marceau, the issue has been resolved. Turns out that a piece of software installed during the week wrecked the drivers for the mike. Once I uninstalled the software, all was well. And it's a good thing too, since I don't know if I could have kept this show in me for another twenty-four hours.

      Dime No. 52: You Speak In Volumes

      Framing Hanley "Built For Sin" (from The Moment, 2007)
      Exelby "There Goes A Face" (from All Aboard The Skylark, 2006)
      John Hoskinson "She's Changing My Mind" (from Pancho Fantastico, 2007)
      Eytan Mirsky "I Know Victoria's Secret" (2007)
      Greg Waters "Play On" (from Play On, 2007)
      Todd Carey "Ain't Got Love" (from Watching Waiting, 2007)
      Ingrid Michaelson "The Way I Am" (from Girls and Boys, 2007)
      Erik Scott Smith "Mary Lou (Operator)"
      Glenn Mercer "Morning Lights" (from Wheels In Motion, 2007)
      The Soul of John Black "The Hole" (from The Good Girl Blues, 2007)

      Total Time—37:26


      Show #52 will be late. I just finished recording it and something went very wonky. The mike was dead throughout and so nothing was picked up. And since it's almost 1am here on the east coast, I'll just call it a night and re-record it all in the morning.

      My sincere apologies for the delay.

      Of course, this means that you could still call in an audio comment for the show at 206-338-5792.

      Saturday, June 16, 2007

      51: Layers and Layers

      This episode was rife with technical problems that forced me to re-record three times tonight, hence the lateness of the hour. But it's worth the wait. The new Mooney Suzuki track is simply fantastic and, if this one and "99%" are representative of the new CD, it's going to be one great friggin' album.

      Dime No. 51: Layers and Layers

      Frank Black "Robert Onion" (from 93-03, available June 19, 2007)
      Zombies of the Stratosphere "The Well-Mannered Look" (from The Well-Mannered Look, 2007)
      The Mooney Suzuki "Good Ol' Alcohol" (from Have Mercy, available June 19, 2007)
      The Fire Apes "Only You Could Make Me Happy" (from The Fire Apes EP, 2006)
      Man Bites God "Peppermint Superfrog" (from Peppermint Superfrog, 2007)
      Wiser Time "Rock N Roll" (from There and Back Again, 2006)
      Jason Harrod "Mad Girlfriend" (from Bright As You, 2006)
      2AM "Blue Days" (from 2AM EP, 2005)
      Timothy Chaisson "Better Way" (from Even, 2007)
      Bus Stop Stallions "Taxi Driver" (from Ride, coming soon)

      Total Time—38:56


      Download "Robert Onion" (mp3)
      from "93-03"
      by Frank Black
      Cooking Vinyl

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      Download "Better Way" (mp3)
      from "Even"
      by Timothy Chaisson
      Sandbar Music

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        Sunday, June 10, 2007

        50: I Wish I Was Young Again

        Sorry this was a whole lot later than usual, but after last week's show I managed to get myself really sick. The voice is almost back to normal, maybe still a bit scratchy. Nothing particularly special in the fiftieth show. The John Hoskinson CD Pancho Fantastico is out on Tuesday and everyone should pick this one up. I may even like this more than last year's Miscellaneous Heathen (and I loved that one).

        Dime No. 50: I Wish I Was Young Again

        Steve Robinson "Forget About Love"
        The Krinkles "Sweet On You" (from 3: The Mordorlorff Collection, 2007)
        Everyday Atlas "Take Me Home" (from Your Move, 2006)
        John Hoskinson "Miss Rejection" (from Pancho Fantastico, available June 12, 2007)
        Exelby "She'll Do For Me" (from All Aboard The Skylark, 2006)
        The Grey Race "Care Of Cell 44" (from The Grey Race EP, available June 12, 2007)
        Wensday "Only Women Bleed" (from Torch Rock, 2007)
        Charlotte Kendrick "Off The Tracks" (from North of New York, available June 26, 2007)
        Tony Marriott "Faith and Fairytales" (from Solitude, 2007)
        Luma "Lose Control" (from Luma EP, 2006)

        Total Time—39:29

        Friday, June 01, 2007

        49: In The Deep End For The Weekend

        I tweaked the levels in tonight's show slightly. Hopefully it helps. I've had a very scratchy throat all day, and it seems to be getting worse (I suspect that I'm coming down with something), so I tried to keep the talkie stuff to a minimum. I'd really hate to get sick this close to #50...

        Dime No. 49: In The Deep End For The Weekend

        Codaphonic "Hollawalla Omacalla Wee" (from Good Morning Radio EP, 2006)
        Smallfish "Hydraulics" (from Low Tide)
        Erik Scott Smith "The Anthem" (from The Only Lonely One, 2007)
        Al Stravinsky "Shallow Water"
        Al Lewis "Waiting For You" (from More Ways Than One, 2006)
        Carlina "Tonight" (from This Is Your Time, 2006)
        Toys In Trouble "30' Waste" (from One-Armed Jack, 2006)
        Wiser Time "Back For More" (from There And Back Again, 2006)
        The Krinkles "Stay With Me" (from 3: The Mordorlorff Collection, 2007)
        The Ribbon Device "Young & Beautiful" (from Saturation Day, 2006)

        Total Time—34:51