Monday, August 27, 2007

63: One

Very late show thanks to some equipment issues over the weekend. I managed to work around the problem tonight and get the show recorded, but issues still remain. Cross your fingers that I'll have it figured out by next weekend.

Dime No. 63: One

Dirty Proper "1976" (from Here To Remind You, 2007) Buy the CD
The Everyday People "Scenario" (from Catch Me, 2007)
Sharelle "Fog" (from Magnanimous EP, 2007) Buy the CD
Limbeck "Trouble" (from Limbeck, 2007)
Nicholas Alan "Hollywood" (from A World Like Ours, 2005) Buy the CD
Exploder "Catalina"
The Windupdeads "Options" (from The Giveaway, 2007)
Tripsitter "Divine" (from California Son, 2004) Buy the CD
The Good Luck Joes "Invincible" (from Why Everything Goes Wrong EP, 2007) Buy the CD
Company of Thieves "Pressure" (from Ordinary Riches, 2007) Buy the CD

Total Time—43:57

Saturday, August 18, 2007

62: Lost In The Music

Another Friday show on Saturday night. Sorry for the lateness. Maybe instead of saying "new episode every Friday," I should just say "every weekend."

Dime No. 62: Lost In The Music

Dr. Pants "Sarsaparilla Girl" (from Gardening In A Tornado, 2006) Buy the CD
Chris Church "Come Clean" (from Your Own Chosen Speed, 2002)
Ethan Stone "Too Late" (from Ain't That The Way, 2007) Buy the CD
The Queue "What's Wrong With You?"
Bletzung "Only End Up Lonely" (from Bletzung, 2007) Buy the CD
Steve Paroe "Got My Soul"
David Usher "The Music" (from Strange Birds, 2007)
The Space Between "I Need You More"
Wil Deynes "Super Wonderful" (from Stay EP, 2007) Buy the CD
The Everyday People "Catch Me" (from Catch Me, 2007)

Total Time—36:54

Monday, August 13, 2007

61: Hammer of the Pods

There was so much great music added to the PMN this week that I couldn't wait for Friday. So enjoy this bonus episode and, if you like the tunes, check out the rest of the CDs on CD Baby.

Dime No. 61: Hammer Of The Pods

3 Blind Mice "I'm So Tired" (from Good Grief, 2007) Buy the CD
Nelson Bragg "Tell Me I'm Wrong" (from Day Into Night, 2006) Buy the CD
Ann Wilson "Immigrant Song" (from Hope and Glory, available September 11, 2007)
Peter Katz and the Curious "Slate" (from More Nights, 2007) Buy the CD
A Rex "Rock 'n' Roll" (from Moving Backwards, 2007) Buy the CD
Tripsitter "Let Me Know You" (from California Son, 2004) Buy the CD
Edmund's Crown "Company Man" (from Regrets of a Company Man, 2006) Buy the CD
Valley Lodge "Hanging On" (from Valley Lodge, 2007) Buy the CD
The Creamsicles "Livin' 4 The Nite" (from The Perfect Girl, 2006)
Every Avenue "One More Song" (from Ah! EP, 2007)

Total Time—39:54

Friday, August 10, 2007

60: Hooked Again II

If television shows can have the occasional "flashback" episode, why can't I? Here are some of the most awesome tracks tracks from the last few months. I hope no one heard my stomach growling during the show. Maybe recording these shows around dinner time isn't such a great idea.

Dime No. 60: Hooked Again II

Shadow Circus "Radio People" (from Welcome To The Freakroom, 2007)
The Ribbon Device "Young and Beautiful" (from Saturation Day, 2006)
The Grey Race "Care Of Cell 44" (from The Grey Race EP, 2007)
Man Bites God "Peppermint Superfrog" (from Peppermint Superfrog, 2007)
Songwriters Show Promo
John Hoskinson "She's Changing My Mind" (from Pancho Fantastico, 2007)
The Nadas "Listen Through The Static" (from Listen Through The Static, 2005)
The Vinyl Strangers "Patriotic Girl" (from The Vinyl Strangers, 2006)
H-Beam "Bang" (from Oojah EP, 2006)
The Queue "God Save The Queen" (from The White Label Demos, 2007)
Peter Searcy "I Believe" (from Spark, 2007)

Total Time—37:29

Friday, August 03, 2007

59: Take It From The Man

Playing a little bit of "catch up" on tonight's episode. And I think I messed up on the Louie Zagoras track and called it "Twenty Fingers"; the song's title is actually "Waiting For The Sun." Sorry, Louie. It really has been a long week. This is one weekend that couldn't get here fast enough.

Dime No. 59: Take It From The Man

The Krinkles "Friday Night" (from 3: The Mordorlorff Collection, 2007)
Girls Stuff "Blue"
2am "On My Way" (from 2am, 2006)
21 Against "Dumb" (from Nothing To Write Home About, 2005)
Rob Szabo "If I Could Do It All Again" (from A Battery Of Tests, 2003)
Bert Susanka "So Many Tears" (from Onward Christian Slater, 2007)
Sea Dragons "Sweet Delilah" (from Sea Dragons EP, 2007)
Louie Zagoras "Waiting For The Sun" (from Twenty Fingers, 2007)
ArmsUp "My Girl" (from ...Not From Montreal, 2007)
Todd Carey "Watching Waiting" (from Watching Waiting, 2007)

Total Time—41:41