Saturday, October 13, 2007

68: Sands of Love and Lust

We just blew out the candle on the birthday cake and have a new show up, with some (hopefully) familiar names sprinkled in.

Dime No. 68: Sands of Love and Lust

The Pursuit "All The Things I Hate" (from The Secret To Life Is..., 2007) Buy the CD
Man Bites God "Pareidolia Now" (from Peppermint Superfrog, 2007)
Shannon Hurley "Where I Stand" (from Ready To Wake Up, 2007)
Brian Setzer Orchestra "One More Night With You" (from Wolfgang's Big Night Out, 2007)
Billy Falcon "Better Than A Girl" (from Made Man, 2006) Buy the CD
The Eisenhowers "South of Love"
Anthony Rankin "Under The Radar" (from The Distance, 2007) Buy the CD
Jen Elliott & Bluestruck "Blue Fog" (from 8 Days Down, 2006) Buy the CD
Iron and Wine "Boy With A Coin" (from The Shepherd's Dog, 2007)
Joe Shade "Nickel and Dime"

Total Time—34:11

1 comment:

The Time Machine said...

Another wonderful show! Love the fact that played both Shannon and Billy. Digging the new Brian Setzer Orchestra!