Monday, March 17, 2008

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties...

Sorry it's taking so much time to get a new show up, folks. I've been upgrading the podcasting setup with a new laptop for (eventual) mobile shows, a new mixer, and a groovy new mike. I had set aside some time this weekend to record a new show on the old setup, but the old setup was apparently older than I thought. It's now moved on to the great beyond where it frolic in the clouds with TI99-4As, Commodore 64s, and Apple 2Cs for eternity.

I'm going to try and salvage the hard drive tonight so I might conceivably get a new show out within the next few days. As for replacing the desktop, our association will be auctioning off their old computers in the next couple weeks, so I may be able to snag one cheap that way.

Bear with me. I have some really awesome tracks lined up for the next few episodes.

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