Sunday, June 29, 2008

92: Once Upon A Starry Night

As usual, I apologize for the extended hiatus. Hopefully, I can get back into a groove in July. Great lineup this episode: new Geoff Smith, an excellent track from The Simple Carnival, and the newly discovered (at least to me!) Katie Herzig!

The Simple Carnival "Caitlin's On The Beach" (from Me And My Arrow EP, 2008) Buy the CD @ the artist's website
Geoff Smith "Ones and 0s" (from Ones and 0s, 2008)
The Goldbergs "Better Times" (from Under The Radar, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Cool King Chris "Who Do You Hoo Doo?" (from Charlotte Popfest Compilation, 2008) Buy the CD @
The Alrights "City Underground" (from High School, 2006) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Weatherbox "Trippin' the Life Fantastic" (from American Art, 2007) Buy the song @ iTunes
Get Back Loretta "Over The Wall" (from Over The Wall, 2006) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Wiser Time "Hammer Down" (from All For One, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
David Usher "So Far Down" (from Strange Birds, 2008) Buy the song @ iTunes
Katie Herzig "Sweeter Than This" (from Weightless, 2006) Buy the CD @ CD Baby

Total Time—38:20

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Emmanuel said...

Your blog's a lot of fun, and i love people who make great powerpop compilations!