Saturday, November 29, 2008

99: 'Til The Evening Comes Around

I woke up from my post-Thanksgiving Dinner to put together a new installment of Suitcase Full of Dimes. Now I think I'll have some leftovers and sleep for another two days. Enjoy the show.

PS: Anyone who buys the Eisenhowers album "Film Your Own Atrocities" through the band's website will get a free mini-album called "Peep-Show Etiquette." The special EP features acoustic versions, rare demos and previously-unavailable tracks from the Eisenhowers catalogue.

The Smith Bros "She's Under My Skin" (from Restless, 2008) Buy the CD @ the artist's website
Arms Up "Anna Please" (single, 2008)
The Eisenhowers "Gathering Dust" (from Film Your Own Atrocities, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Nathan Wheldon and the Two Timers "This Feeling" (from A New Year's Revolution, 2008) Buy the album @ Amazon MP3
Candygram For Mongo "Shannon Told Me" (from Candygram For Mongo, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Greg Pope (Edmund's Crown) "Burden" (from Popmonster, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Brendan Boogie Band "College" (from Disposable Pop EP, 2008)
Lee Coulter "She Fell In Love With The Mirror" (from Listen Hear, 2005) Buy the CD @ Amazon
Honeyhoney "Little Toy Gun" (from First Rodeo, 2008) Buy the album @ Amazon MP3
Deep 6 Holiday "Will You Remind Me?" (from Awake At The Funeral, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby

Total Time—34:47


Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for playing our song. We appreciate it.

Brendan Boogie

The Time Machine said...

Wow! Is this really the 99th episode of Suitcase Full Of Dimes?

Great show as always! Appreciate hearing songs like "Gathering Dust" from The Eisenhowers. Really enjoyed "Burden" from Greg Pope and "This Feeling" from Nathan Wheldon and the Two Timers. All the songs were great selections - thanks for spreading the musical joy!


Tony Shore said...


Great podcast and site! I just put up a post about Suitcase Full of Dimes on my ObviousPop blog:

dr. tony shore

Raymond said...

Hey ... many thanks for playing The Eisenhowers and for introducing me to some other neat artists!