Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pop Garden Pop Contest - January Song Scramble

Contest: January Song Scramble

As some of you may know, I've been producing an audio quiz segment for Adam Waltemire's Pop Garden Radio since last August. I've been having a lot of fun creating the quizzes for the show and this week I decided it was time for a Song Scramble Contest. I decided to include the contest as a part of the Suitcase Full of Dimes feed to allow the podcast's listeners to enter as well. (Note: If you aren't subscribed, just click the "January Song Scramble" link in the title above to play the audio file, or right click the link and select "Save As..." to download it.)

How this works: The Song Scramble is six songs--four originals and two cover songs. Points are awarded for each original artist, the two covering artists, each song's title, and the theme that ties them all together. If you have everything correct, you'll have a perfect score of fifteen. (Hint: The winning theme has nothing to do with the band's or artist's names.)

When you're ready to submit your answers, compile them into an email addressed to with the words "January Scramble" in the subject line.

Grand Prize is (so far):
  • The Grey Race "Give It Love" CD
  • Chewy Marble "Modulations" CD
  • Kelly Jones "SheBANG!" CD
Entries need to be received by midnight on February 1, 2009. In the case of a tie, the earlier entry wins, so get your entries in sooner than later.

UPDATE: The contest was extended to midnight on February 9. If we don't have a winner at that point, Sudden Death Rules* will apply.

* Sudden Death Rules stipulate that the first entry received with any correct answers wins the prize package.

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