Friday, December 15, 2006

14: from the halls of mentholyptus

There seems to be some sort of loose theme running through this episode but I'll be damned if I know what it is. If you have an idea, leave your guess in the comments.

Dime No. 14: from the halls of mentholyptus

Typewriter "Outdoor Miner" (from A Houseguest's Wish; 2002)
Deerhoof "+81" (from +81; 2006)
The Starlight Mints "Pumpkin" (from Drowaton; 2006)
8MM "Stunning" (from Songs To Love and Die By...; 2006)
The Hard Tomorrows "Patterns" (from Lights Out; 2006)
Chimères "Ketchup" (from an upcoming as-yet-unnamed album)
John Hoskinson "I Hope I Die Before You Do" (from Miscellaneous Heathen; 2004)
The Wondermints "Guess I'm Dumb" (from The Wonderful World of Wondermints; 1996)
Winterpills "Found Weekend" (from Winterpills; 2005)
The Jessica Fletchers "I Got News" (from Whatever Happened To The ?; 2003)

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