Saturday, February 03, 2007

24: No Woodchuck-Shaped Shadows

In a perfect world, on a perfect day, this would have been up hours ago. But today is Groundhog Day, at least it was less than an hour ago. I wanted to do a "spring" themed show but I spent way too much time digging through the collection for related songs I wanted to play. I finally decided to scrap the idea when I heard that one of my favorite bands, The Beautiful South, announced their breakup. So suddenly I had to play a South song, possibly my favorite song ever about a piece of furniture. I kept a couple spring-related songs anyway and stuck them at the end.

Dime No. 24: No Woodchuck-Shaped Shadows

The Beautiful South "The Table" (from Quench; 1998)
Codaphonic "Ritalin" (from Good Morning Radio EP; 2006)
The Beatles "Lady Madonna" (from Love; 2006)
My Chemical Romance "Cancer" (from The Black Parade; 2006)
Frisbie "Paid in Kind" (from The Subversive Sounds of Love; 2000)
Parallax Project "Never Gonna Taste Like That Again" (from Perpetual Limbo; 2006)
The Merrymakers "Superstar" (from Bubblegun; 1997)
Cherry Twister "Sparkle" (from At Home With Cherry Twister; 1999)
Grant Lee Phillips "Spring Released" (from Mobilize; 2001)
Tally Hall "Spring and a Storm" (from Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum; 2005)

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