Monday, February 19, 2007

29: The Kids...They Need Their Power Pop

Since, like many today, I have the day off, I thought I'd put together a bonus show to keep everyone satiated until the regular Friday show. While it doesn't have a President's Day theme (although I did consider it), it is a little special in that all the music in today's show is from the Podsafe Music Network. The PMN is a network created to allow indie musicians to link up with podcasters to get their music some exposure on the new and growing outlet.

Dime No. 29: The Kids...They Need Their Power Pop

Blackfish "Carefree" (demo)
The Scheme "Sidewalk Soundtrack" (from Sunset On A Daydream; 2006)
John Hoskinson "I Belong To You" (from Miscellaneous Heathen; 2004)
Andy Zipf "Maybe Tonight" (demo)
Four Star Riot "All The Way" (from Burn So Bright; 2006)
Fern "Bitter Taste" (from Put Out The Light EP; 2006)
Phil Ayoub "Welcome To The Nightlife (Bad Day)" (unreleased; 2006)
The Jellybricks "Simple Me" (from Power This; 2004)
Shake Some Action! "I Can See Where This Is Going Now" (from Shake Some Action!; 2007)
Splitsville "The Kids Who Kill for Sugar" (from Ultrasound; 1997)

Total Time—31:47


Anonymous said...

Thanks for spinning us on your podcast!

Happy to be a part of what the kids NEED!!!

Larry/The Jellybricks

Anonymous said...

But they need that Sugar Shock! SHOCK!!!!
Thanks for the spin and the Splitsville-inspired podcast title.