Sunday, September 30, 2007

67: Nothin' You Can Buy

It's another excellent show featuring some old favorites and some new ones. As mentioned, check out The Time Machine and Pop Garden Radio, streaming on the web every Saturday.

Dime No. 67: Nothin' You Can Buy

1990s "See You At The Lights" (from Cookies, 2007)
Kelly's Lot "Drive"
Spanking Charlene "Groundhog's Day" (from Dismissed With A Kiss, 2007)
The Corner Laughers "You Two Are The Ones" (from Tomb of Leopards, 2006) Buy the CD
The Automatic Rhythm Section "20th Century Restaurant" (from The Automatic Rhythm Section, 2007)
DigiVegas Promo (
Petra Haden "Don't Stop Believin'" (from Guilt By Association, 2007)
Nelson Bragg "Forever Days" (from Day Into Night, 2006) Buy the CD
The Alrights "Heaven Sends Her Regards" (from High School, 2006) Buy the CD
The Portraits "Bangkok" (from Kin, 2006) Buy the CD
The Superfantastics "Back To The Future III" (from Pop-Up Book, 2007) Buy the CD

Total Time—38:05

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The Time Machine said...


Wow! What a show! Such wonderful songs including my faves Nelson Bragg, Petra Haden and The Corner Laughers surrounded by some great acts including one that I never heard of before - Kelly's Lot. "Drive" is an awesome song. Love it!

I was totally caught off guard when you mentioned both "The Time Machine" and "Pop Garden Radio" during your podcast. That was cool of you and totally unexpected. :=)

Keep rockin' the musical faith!

Michael McCartney