Friday, November 30, 2007

71: Platters of Purest Gold

As I mention in this show, I'll likely be doing a handful of music-only shows in the coming weeks. I've got a backlog of great music to play and been too busy with other projects to devote the time to put together the shows. Hopefully things will ease up in the next couple of months, though, so try and bear with me.

Dime No. 71: Platters of Purest Gold

The Fire Apes "If Things Don't Look So Good Today" (from The Fire Apes EP, 2006) Buy the CD
Offcutts "By The Way" (from What Happened Don't Lie, 2007)
Ween "Your Party" (from La Cucaracha, 2007)
The Kin "Together" (from Rise and Fall, 2007)
Megan Palmer "Deadman" (from Take You Away, 2007)
Stars "The Ghost of Genova Heights" (from In Our Bedroom After The War, 2007)
Cake "It's Coming Down" (from b-sides and rareties, 2007)
Strangers In Wonderland "House of Dreams"
John Hughes "Taboo" (from Time, 2007)
Matt Nathanson "Gone" (from Some Mad Hope, 2007)

Long Way From Home promo

Total Time—39:13

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