Saturday, December 01, 2007

72: Make It Last All Night

This is the first in a series of music-only episodes designed to help me clear out the backlog of great music I've been wanting and needing to play. Time has been a luxury these last couple of months and I fear it may not ease up in the next month or so. There will be hosted shows this month, but expect several of these music-only shows in the next few weeks.

Dime No. 72: Make It Last All Night

Big Bang Radio "Radio" (from To Mars, From Babylon, out on December 4, 2007)
Sara Wendt "Weightless With Love" (from Weightless With Love, 2007) Buy the CD
The Alice Project "I Owe It All 2 U"
The Beatitude "Jump (On This Hierarchy)" (from ...And The Bag Of Cacophony, 2007)
Joe Shade "Security Girl"
Joe Colledge "American Girl" (from Table For One, 2007) Buy the CD
Shannon Hurley "We Are In Love" (from Ready To Wake Up, 2007) Buy the CD
Sundown Caffeine "Wanderlust" (from Sundown Caffeine and Nothing Wasted, unreleased)
Maria Daines "One Small Dog"
Tripsitter "Positively Thomas" (from California Son, 2006) Buy the CD

And be sure to check out Podsafe Christmas 2007.

Total Time—37:32


The Time Machine said...

Wow! What a set! Great show as always.

Sundown Caffeine said...

Thanks for featuring us, once more!

Please continue to support independent artists and their work.

Rock on!

Peace, Love and Respect from Cebu City, Philippines,
Sundown Caffeine