Saturday, February 09, 2008

81: Three Hundred Eighty-Seven Years Later...

Wow! What the hell happened to January?! I think I must have time-travelled or something! My apologies for taking so long to get a new one out.

Dime No. 81: Three Hundred Eighty-Seven Years Later...

The Automatic Rhythm Section "Bury Me Not (In The Suburbs)" (from The Automatic Rhythm Section, 2007)
Bryan Dunn "Audio/Stereo/Radio" (from Static & Scripture, 2005) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Big Head Todd and the Monsters "Cruel Fate" (from All The Love You Need, 2007)
Parthenon Huxley "Better Than Good" (from Kiss The Monster, 2007)
Running Still "My House" (from Running Still, 2007)
Nada Surf "I Like What You Say" (from Lucky, 2008)
The Alice Project "Already Taken"
Mike Massé "Sun"
The Alrights "Happy Birthday Universe" (from Meeting of the St. Louis County League of Volunteer Astronauts: Excerpts from the Keynote Address, 2007) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Bob Mould "The Silence Between Us" (from District Line, 2008)

Total Time—35:03

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The Time Machine said...

Another super podcast! Really appreciated hearing;
Bryan Dunn, Nada Surf, The Alrights and of course Parthenon Huxley (always love his material).