Monday, February 18, 2008

82: Trying to keep my soul together.

Happy Presidents Day. Another ten song mixtape featuring new Codaphonic, Paul Collins Beat, and The White Affair.

Dime No. 82: Trying to keep my soul together.

Codaphonic "The Most Important Thing" (from The Ballad of Codaphonic, 2008)
The Arts and Sciences (Paul Melançon) "Tell It To The Bees" (from Hopeful Monsters, 2005)
Nelson Bragg "Turn The Darkness Into Gold" (from Day Into Night, 2006) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Paul Collins Beat "Big Pop Song" (from Ribbon of Gold, 2008)
Peasant "We're Good" (from On The Ground, 2008)
The White Tie Affair "The Letdown" (from Get In Where You Fit In, 2008)
Admiral Twin "Good As Gold" (from The Center of the Universe, 2007)
Sick Of Sarah "Bittersweet" (from Bittersweet EP, 2007)
Thundas Ink "Bad Weather" (from Episode One, 2007) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
The Maine "The Town's Been Talkin'" (from The Way We Talk EP, 2007)

Total Time—34:29


Anonymous said...

Hey Ed,
Thanks for the exposure on the podcast. I think I remember you from when I used to be on Audities. I eventually had to leave because I just never had the time to read the posts and I started feeling guilty about all those unread emails gathering in my inbox. Hope you're well!

pasquinade said...

I've no doubt that I originally discovered your music through Audities. Being a longtime ELO fan, "Jeff Lynne" has always been one of my favorites.

As for Audities, Michael Coxe has decided to call it quits, but the list is being transitioned to a Google List. I believe the consensus was to call it "Pop Underground." At least with Google, I think you'll have the opportunity to read the list web only if you choose (so as not to clog the inbox). Of all the lists that I've subbed and unsubbed, Audities remains.