Sunday, May 11, 2008

87: The Mother of All Shows

Happy Mother's Day. No Mom Day theme here except for the show's title, but you're welcome to try and find one if you'd like.

A special thanks to James Deem of the Charlotte Popfest and Popcast for including Suitcase Full of Dimes amongst the Popfest's official sponsors. Also special thanks to Mike Clark of The Smith Brothers, The Goldbergs, and Kool Kat Records. And last, but by no means least, thanks to Michael McCartney of The Time Machine for allowing me to take the mic Saturday before last.

Dime No. 87: The Mother of All Shows

Andy Davis "Brown Eyes" (from Let The Woman, 2008)
JJ Appelton "Today, Today, Today" (from Black and White Matinee, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
The Goldbergs "Please Won't You Please" (from Under The Radar, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
The Smith Brothers "How Wrong You Are" (from Charlotte Popfest 2008 Compilation, 2008) Pre-order the CD @
Codaphonic "Never Slows Down" (from The Ballad of Codaphonic, 2008)
Chris DeMarco "It's Inevitable" (from Lost and Found, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Collective Soul "All That I Know" (from Afterwords, 2008)
Stratocruiser "Shimmer and Fade" (from revolutions, 2006) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Josh Fix "Rock And Roll Slut" (from Free At Last, 2007)
Vic Kingsley "Numbers Are Rearranging" (from These Frequencies, 2008)

Total Time—36:33

Let the WomanAndy Davis
"Brown Eyes" (mp3)
from "Let the Woman"
(bigHelium Records)
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