Saturday, May 31, 2008

90: You Better Look Around

Ever have one of those days where you go to record all the talkie bits of your music podcast and discover too late that the recording levels were far lower than they needed to be? Maybe it's just me. Fortunately for you, the listener, I re-recorded the bits and put everything back together so I don't sound like I'm whispering between songs. I recorded the talkie bits using my new Shure 55SH Series II mic onto a Marantz PMD620 Recorder, which just means that you're hearing me in stereo now. You may not have even realized you were hearing me in mono before.

Also, upon reflection, I'm not 100% certain it was Pop Garden Radio where I heard The Orchid Highway. It might have been The Time Machine. Either way, they're both excellent shows worth your listening time.

Dime No. 90: You Better Look Around

Get Back Loretta "Mr. Brown" (from Over The Wall, 2006) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Fabulous Hats "Your Bliss" (from Fabulous Hats, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
You, Me & Iowa "Tommy Hall" (from The Adventures of You, Me and Iowa, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Jerry Chapman "Learn to Fly" (from Charlotte Pop Fest, 2008) Pre-order the CD @
Admiral Twin "No. 1 Fan" (from Mock Heroic, 2000) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Everyday Atlas "Be A Reason" (from Your Move, 2007) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
AM with Julianna Raye "I'll Be Your Mirror" (from Side By Side–Duets EP Vol. 1, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
The Mary Dream "Beautiful World" (from Beautiful World, 2005) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
FakeSensations "George's Book" (from Isaac and the Secret Chord, 2007) Buy the CD @ iTunes
The Orchid Highway "Next World" (from The Orchid Highway, 2008) Buy the CD @ iTunes

Total Time—34:16


Anonymous said...

I loooove the song "I'll Be Your Mirror" by AM w/ Julianna Raye. It's so unique. After I heard that I checked out AM's album "Side By Side - Duets Vol. 1" and every song on there is fantastic. Especially, "New Road" by AM w/ Meiko.

Thanks for posting that song! I'm addicted now.

Anonymous said...

As a big fan of Lou Reed I got scared when I saw I'll Be Your Mirror but AM and Julianna Raye made it happen. Now if I could just find this on iTunes? How in the world am I supposed to search for AM? Where's Wally? HELP!

pasquinade said...

You can purchase the AM/Julianna Raye track on iTunes by clicking here.

Unknown said...

what would i do without these posts!? AM is impossible to find and now i finally got his duet with it by the way! btw anyone looking for him check out his just found him and added him as friend!