Friday, October 10, 2008

97: Like An Old Balloon

This coming Monday the 13th will mark the two-year anniversary of the podcast. And it has come a long way since those early, non-podsafe days. It would have been cool if the hundredth show coincided with the anniversary, but it just wasn't meant to be. This installment of the podcast is especially entertaining and reminds me, in some ways, of that first podcast. Several of the artists and bands here have become favorites of mine in the course of 97 episodes. I hope some of them will become your favorites as well.

Dime No. 97: Like An Old Balloon

The Jellybricks "Goodnight To Everyone" (from Goodnight To Everyone, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
The Smith Bros. "How Wrong You Are" (from Restless, 2008) Buy the CD the band's website
The Telepathic Butterflies "Telescope" (from Breakfast In Suburbia, 2008) Buy the CD @ iTunes
Inara George with Van Dyke Parks "Accidental" (from An Invitation, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Strive "Smallest Things" (from Fire, 2008) Buy the CD @ iTunes
Jim Boggia "To And Fro" (from Misadventures In Stereo, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Colin MacIntyre "Famous For Being Famous" (from The Water, 2008) Buy the CD @ iTunes
Monkeeman "I Know A Girl" (from Life In The Backseat, 2008) Buy the CD @ iTunes
The Simple Carnival "You Jump First" (from Girls Aliens Food, 2008) Buy the CD @ CD Baby
Jakob Martin "Fiction Friction" (from Masking The Mirror, 2008) Buy the CD @ New Nation Media

Total Time—35:23


Anonymous said...

Love that Jim Boggia song.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed! I sadly confess that I have not listened to the Suitcase since you started talking on it. Yeah, I know, bad friend, no biscuit.

Anyway, sounds great, and not knowing how shaky you may have sounded before, you've certainly found your radio voice. Heck, remember how shaky *I* used to sound?

Great job, man. And I may be tapping your great music brain for a pod project I'm contemplating with a friend in England.