Sunday, June 10, 2007

50: I Wish I Was Young Again

Sorry this was a whole lot later than usual, but after last week's show I managed to get myself really sick. The voice is almost back to normal, maybe still a bit scratchy. Nothing particularly special in the fiftieth show. The John Hoskinson CD Pancho Fantastico is out on Tuesday and everyone should pick this one up. I may even like this more than last year's Miscellaneous Heathen (and I loved that one).

Dime No. 50: I Wish I Was Young Again

Steve Robinson "Forget About Love"
The Krinkles "Sweet On You" (from 3: The Mordorlorff Collection, 2007)
Everyday Atlas "Take Me Home" (from Your Move, 2006)
John Hoskinson "Miss Rejection" (from Pancho Fantastico, available June 12, 2007)
Exelby "She'll Do For Me" (from All Aboard The Skylark, 2006)
The Grey Race "Care Of Cell 44" (from The Grey Race EP, available June 12, 2007)
Wensday "Only Women Bleed" (from Torch Rock, 2007)
Charlotte Kendrick "Off The Tracks" (from North of New York, available June 26, 2007)
Tony Marriott "Faith and Fairytales" (from Solitude, 2007)
Luma "Lose Control" (from Luma EP, 2006)

Total Time—39:29

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Marc Nathan said...

who could possibly resist new John Hoskinson? Not me!