Friday, June 01, 2007

49: In The Deep End For The Weekend

I tweaked the levels in tonight's show slightly. Hopefully it helps. I've had a very scratchy throat all day, and it seems to be getting worse (I suspect that I'm coming down with something), so I tried to keep the talkie stuff to a minimum. I'd really hate to get sick this close to #50...

Dime No. 49: In The Deep End For The Weekend

Codaphonic "Hollawalla Omacalla Wee" (from Good Morning Radio EP, 2006)
Smallfish "Hydraulics" (from Low Tide)
Erik Scott Smith "The Anthem" (from The Only Lonely One, 2007)
Al Stravinsky "Shallow Water"
Al Lewis "Waiting For You" (from More Ways Than One, 2006)
Carlina "Tonight" (from This Is Your Time, 2006)
Toys In Trouble "30' Waste" (from One-Armed Jack, 2006)
Wiser Time "Back For More" (from There And Back Again, 2006)
The Krinkles "Stay With Me" (from 3: The Mordorlorff Collection, 2007)
The Ribbon Device "Young & Beautiful" (from Saturation Day, 2006)

Total Time—34:51

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the show... I found it doubly rewarding as the title of the show was a paraphrased line from my song 'Shallow water' that you so graciously included in the UK set. Thanks very much and all the very best - Al