Friday, September 21, 2007

66: Zeroes and Ones

Apologies for not recording a show last weekend. Music was compiled but time got away from me and, before I knew it, it was Monday morning and time for work.

The promo in this episode is for Anji Bee's Chillcast. If you have trouble figuring out how to spell her website, just click on the link:

Dime No. 66: Zeroes and Ones

Homespun "A Friends of Ours" (from Sexready Mind Control, 2007)
Metro Station "Kelsey" (from Metro Station, 2007)
Tripsitter "Last September" (from California Son, 2004) Buy the CD
880 South "Effects of Sunshine" (from Beware, 2006) Buy the CD
Paulson "Calling On You" (from All At Once, 2007)
Curious "Hollywood" (from Curious EP, 2006)
Rilo Kiley "Science Vs. Romance" (from Takeoffs and Landings, 2001)
The Grey Race "Through Your Eyes" (from Give It Love, 2007)
Echoing August "A Song From Yesterday" (from Who We Are, 2006) Buy the CD
Hoolapoppers "Phoebe Cates (Is Dead)" (from Trout Farm, 1999) Buy the CD

Total Time—40:48

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