Friday, September 07, 2007

64: A Natural Eventuality

No, as a matter of fact, I didn't do a show last weekend. I saw the best Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm show ever at the Birchmere. Then, I vegged out a lot. I'll try and get a bonus show up this weekend to make up for it. There's no shortage of new music to play off the PMN. I just selected random songs off the playlist for tonight's show, and I may do it again tomorrow or Sunday. Enjoy this one, though, while you're waiting for the next one.

Dime No. 64: A Natural Eventuality

1990s "You Made Me Like It" (from Cookies, 2007)
Christopher Dale "Sorry" (from Pick Me Up, 2004) Buy the CD
The Fire Apes "It's Over" (from The Fire Apes EP, 2006) Buy the CD
Spanking Charlene "Red Rolling Papers" (from Dismissed With A Kiss, 2007)
Alamance "Someday" (from Moving On, 2007)
Sucka Brown "Sideways" (from What Elephant?, 2007) Buy the CD
Jackopierce "Vineyard" (from Woman As Salvation, 1992)
Dr. Pants "Doppelganger Rock" (from Gardening In A Tornado, 2006) Buy the CD
Tommy James "Lupe and Joe" (from Hold The Fire, 2007)
Union of Lanterns "Don Quixote" (from Truth (If You Want It), 2007)

Total Time—36:24

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