Wednesday, December 12, 2007

73: The Words I Never Spoke

Another music-only episode. The rest of the shows up to Christmas will feature a holiday song at the end. This one features a sci-fi Christmas song by one of my very favorite musicians, Jonathan Coulton. His Thing a Week box set would make a great gift for anyone with a love of science and a sense of humor.

Dime No. 73: The Words I Never Spoke

Admiral Twin "In My Veins" (from The Center of the Universe, 2007)
Brother Love "Turn It Up" (from Turn It Up!, 2007)
Catriona "Hurricane"
Dirty Proper "California" (from Here To Remind You, 2007) Buy the CD
Edison Glass "Let Go" (from Let Go EP, 2007)
Fono "On The Line" (from Too Broken To Break, 2007)
Great Northern "Home" (from Trading Twilight For Daylight, 2007) Buy the CD
Shannon Hurley "Breaking Down" (from Ready To Wake Up, 2007) Buy the CD
The Ike Reilly Assassination "When Irish Eyes Are Burning" (from We Belong To The Staggering Evening, 2007)
Jonathan Coulton "Chiron Beta Prime" (from Thing A Week 2, 2006) Buy the CD

Total Time—35:24

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