Friday, December 21, 2007

74: Running Through Your Dreams

I fully intended to start getting these out last weekend but, once again, life got in the way. Some notes on this set: I decided to include the Nelson Bragg song after hearing him interviewed on Pop Garden Radio last weekend. If you're free on Saturday night, Adam will be doing his annual Christmas show from 10PM to 3AM EST. I plan to be in his chat room during the show, so it should be a lot of fun.

Also: The Axe Riverboy track really stood out for me. When I went to research the album info after recording the show, I discovered why. Axe Riverboy is the pseudonym taken on by Xavier from Tahiti 80 for his solo project. I suppose I'll just have to go and buy the CD on iTunes now.

Dime No. 74: Running Through Your Dreams

Nelson Bragg "Death of Caroline" (from Day Into Night, 2006) Buy the CD
Little Horse "I Want Your Love" (from Strangers in the Valley, 2007) Buy the CD
Duran Duran "Falling Down" (from Red Carpet Massacre, 2007)
Stratocruiser "Make It Work"
What Made Milwaukee Famous "Sweet Lady" (from Trying To Never Catch Up, 2006)
Moxie "Phone Call" (from Retrospective, 2007) Buy the CD
Axe Riverboy "Carry On" (from Tutu To Tango, 2007)
Kyoshi "Bang"
Manic Street Preachers "Your Love Alone Is Not Enough" (from Send Away The Tigers, 2007)
Admiral Twin "Carol of the Bells" (from Christmas 2003, 2003)

Total Time—35:59

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