Friday, March 23, 2007

34: A Rainy Spring Night By The Radio

This episode's another all podsafe show. All the songs came from the Podsafe Music Network. Please go and check out the artists' pages and, if you like the music, buy their CDs, preferably directly from the artist since they get a better chunk of the dollars they deserve. I forgot to mention that Black Tie revue is playing Iota in Arlington, VA, on April 20th. If you're going to go see them (or Lucky Day) live, buy their CDs at the show. Support the artist. Don't support the RIAA goons who all believe you're a thief anyway.

Dime No. 34: A Rainy Spring Night By The Radio

Sunshine Variety Club "The Girl With The Crooked Smile"
Undo Silence "All Those Songs"
Jesse Malin (with Bruce Springsteen) "Broken Radio" (from Glitter In The Gutter; 2007)
The Fire Apes "Hey Kate!" (from The Fire Apes EP; 2006)
Holding Back Entirely "It Doesn't Matter" (from Holding Back Entirely; 2005)
Ayla Brown "Know You Better" (from Forward; 2006)
Lucky Day "Rainy Days" (from All My Rainy Days EP; 2006)
Black Tie Revue "Absent Radio" (from Code Fun; out April 17th)
The Pierces "Secret" (from Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge; 2007)
Jonathan Coulton "Not About You" (from Thing A Week Three; 2006)

Total Time—33:22


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for playing our song. We really appreciate the support:-)

--Brian, Lucky Day

Anonymous said...

thanks for playing our music, much appreciated,