Saturday, March 17, 2007

33: I Can Tell You're Down For A Melody

It's been one long, freakin' night, folks. I'm not sure if you can hear the cold in my voice tonight, but I'm getting over something that was probably brought on by the weather going from freezing up to 70 degrees and further down to snow and freezing rain in less than a week.

And I flubbed a couple bits of info that I should probably correct here: Splitsville's CD is "The Complete Pet Soul," and Crooked Fingers is not new or "newish," but have been around the whole decade. Not sure where my head was at tonight but wherever it was, it was certainly very stuffed up.

Dime No. 33: I Can Tell You're Down For A Melody

Splitsville "Forever" (from The Complete Pet Soul; 2001)
The Vinyl Strangers "Sweet Little Afterthought" (from The Vinyl Strangers; 2006)
Light FM "Never Gonna Get Up"
Scamper "Sophie" (from Leave Your Glasses On; 2004)
The Plus Ones "You've Been Had" (from On The List EP; 2000)
Sundown Caffeine "Last Star" (from Sundown Caffeine and Nothing Wasted; 2007)
Spencer Tricker "Hey Jessica" (from Logic; 2007)
Sunspot "Prozac Girl" (from Loser of the Year; 2003)
Crooked Fingers "Call To Love" (from Dignity and Shame; 2005)
The Jellybricks "Brand New Sunglasses" (from Soapopera; 1999)

Total Time—32:27


Sundown Caffeine said...

Thank you for featuring us. It came as a big surprise. We think your show is awesome and your song selection is top-notch. Thank you for the much-needed exposure and for doing what you do. All the best!

Sundown Caffeine

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for playing us on your podcast!

Larry/The Jellybricks