Saturday, March 31, 2007

35: Faux Indie Cred

Another late edition. It's just been a busy week here in the 'Quan.

I don't know yet if I'm going to do an April Fools' Day show. I have a couple ideas floating around, but pulling ten tracks together for either concept may prove too daunting.

Finally, if you're in the DC area, Andy Zipf is playing Galaxy Hut tomorrow night and don't forget about Lucky Day playing the Cherry Blossom festival next week (Thursday and Saturday).

Dime No. 35: Faux Indie Cred

Dead City Radio "Indie Chick" (from poprocks+soda=kaboom!!!; 2006)
Brown Eyed Susans "Gerald the Mouse (Likes It on Top)" (from Afternoon Tea; 1998)
Teo Leo and the Pharmacists "Colleen" (from Living With The Living; 2007)
Signal To Noise "The Weather Machine" (from Kodiak; available June 2007)
Moxie "I'll Try"
Program The Dead "Let Me Inside" (from Ginger; 2007)
The Jennifers "Lion In Winter" (from Colors From The Future; 2007)
8MM "Quicksand" (from Songs To Love and Die By...; 2006)
The Monikers "Never Sleep" (from Esperanto; 2007)
Spudnik "Fake I.D." (from Paper Hat Boat EP; 2006)

Total Time—36:52


Phil said...

Hi, this is Phil from Spudnik, I just wanted to say thanks for playing one of our songs!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Malena from Moxie... thanks for playing our stuff! I noticed we didn't get a verbal mention... did we do something wrong?! We are new to this whole podcast thing!

... I'm from Virginia too!