Friday, March 02, 2007

31: Mic'ed Up At Last

Hey, Ed here. I bought a microphone. I've been playing with it and used it in this week's show to pretend I'm a DJ. The microphone actually sounds pretty good. There are, however, still issues. The issues are less about the microphone now and more about me working on various aspects of what I'm going to tentatively call my "technique." I know I rushed through the first break. The first three songs were longer and I wasn't sure if I'd put myself over my forty minute ceiling, so I intentionally rushed. As the show progressed, with some shorter songs, I realized I had more time than I thought. And, among other things, the closing could really use some work.

But the music is stellar. I only wish I could take the credit there. But the credit goes to the amazing artists and bands listed below. Visit their websites and buy their music. All are independent artists; none are RIAA-sponsored.

Dime No. 31: Mic'ed Up At Last

Otter Petter "Winter Days" (from Otter Petter EP; 2005)
Let's Go Sailing "Sideways" (from The Chaos In Order; available March 27,2007)
Bright Eyes "Four Winds" (from Cassadega; available April 10, 2007)
Ferraby Lionheart "Before We're Dead (New Orleans Song)"
Headlights "TV" (from Kill Them With Kindness; 2006)
Illinois "Screen Door" (from What The Hell Do I Know?; available on Tuesday)
The Makes Nice "Candy Wrapper" (from Candy Wrapper and Twelve Other Songs; 2007)
The Maybellines "Battleship" (from Chatfield Holiday; 2002)
Kristoffer Ragnstam "Breakfast By The Mattress" (from Sweet Bills; 2006)
Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin "Oregon Girl" (from Broom; 2006)

Total Time—33:06

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