Friday, April 06, 2007

36: Just Another Bull In A China Shop

Good Friday and Happy Easter everyone. I just realized this week that next Friday will be the six month mark for this podcast. I'm not planning anything special, of course, just noting that it kind of snuck up on me. As noted at the end of the show, Exit Clov will be playing The Black Cat in DC on April 11. I also meant to mention that, if you're in Carrboro, NC, they'll be playing Cat's Cradle tomorrow night. But I forgot to write it down before the show and I have a crappy memory.

And, hey!, the new Fountains of Wayne CD came out on Tuesday. Everyone agrees it's a top notch disc (except some guy at Pitchfork). I'm especially digging "'92 Suburu."

Dime No. 36: Just Another Bull In A China Shop

Paper Or Plastic "West Virginia" (from Best of Luck to Cody James!; 2006)
Mumpsy "64 Colors" (from 3 People; 2007)
The Arctic Monkeys "Baby I'm Yours" (from Leave Before The Lights Come On CD-Single; 2006)
The Never "The Astronaut" (from The Never; 2004)
The Cocktail Revisionists "Heisenberg's A Jerk" (from A Murder Of Crows; 2002)
Everybody Else "Born To Do" (from Everybody Else; 2006)
future clouds and radar "Drugstore Bust" (from future clouds and radar; 2007)
The Corner Laughers "You Two Are The Ones" (from Tomb of Leopards; 2006)
Red Planet "Heather Jones" (from Revolution 33; 2000)
Exit Clov "Working Class Hero" (from Jolly Roget Sessions EP; 2006)

Total Time—35:29


Anonymous said...

Hey - thanks for including "Heisenberg" in your podcast. Obviously, you have good taste in music!

The Cocktail Revisionists

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for playing The Corner Laughers!