Friday, April 13, 2007

37: So It Goes

I started this thing called a podcast on a Friday the 13th. Six months later, it's another Friday the 13th. Only now one of my favorite authors is no longer amid the living.

Dime No. 37: So It Goes

Fountains of Wayne "New Routine" (from Traffic and Weather, 2007)
Arthur Yoria "She Looks Like You" (from I'll Be Here Awake, 2003)
Dylan In The Movies "City Skies" (from So Long City Skies 7" vinyl split, 2007)
High Child "I Tell All My Secrets To My Guitar" (from New Direction, 2003)
The National Pool "AO1" (from The National Pool, 2006)
Andy Davis "Good Life" (from Fine China EP, 2007)
Annex "You Brought It On Yourself"
The Fire Apes "Wonder" (from A Perfect Day For Bananafish, 1998)
Nextdoor "Suzie Q" (from The Art of Growing Up EP, 2007)
Ambrosia "Nice, Nice, Very Nice" (from Ambrosia, 1975)

Total Time—40:09

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