Monday, April 30, 2007

41: On and On and On and On

Another special Monday show of odds and ends to finish out April. No trivia question on this one, though. That's for the regular Friday shows.

Dime No. 41: On and On and On and On

Her Space Holiday "A Match Made In Texas" (from The Past Presents The Future, 2005)
Terrene "Fifty-One" (from The Indifferent Universe, 2007)
Suckerpunch "Pick It Up" (unreleased, 2004) PMN
Andrew Ryan "About To Break" (from Summer and Fall, 2007)
Jessica Mellott "How Can You Say?"
Senor Happy "Echoes and Falls" (from I'm Sorry, 2007)
Rock Feller "Too Late" (from C'mon Everybody, 2007)
Robin Tymm "Whole Lies and Half Truths"
Dead World Leaders "Alarm"
Phil Ayoub "River To Ocean" (from Schoolbus Window Paper heart, 2005)

Total Time—35:33

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Unknown said...

So this comment is a day late, but, thanks for playing Acrobat! And I loved the name of Show #40.
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