Monday, May 14, 2007

45: Jumpin' All Around

I went back and forth as whether I wanted to record this tonight or wait for Friday, but in the end I just did it. Enjoy!

Dime No. 45: Jumpin' All Around

Plastic Palace Alice "Empire Falls" (from Empire Falls EP)
3 Feet Up "Can't Hate The Hater" (from I Will Fear No Evil, 2007)
Last Minute "I'd Never Thought" (from Last Minute EP, 2006)
Chris Church "Sugarcoat"
Sundown Caffeine "Nine Rivers"
Senor Happy "Get Up and Go Out" (from I'm Sorry, 2007)
Jeff Mallon "Molly"
Shannon Wright "Everybody's Got Their Own Part To Play" (from Let In The Light, 2007)
Ember Swift "Some Fine Day" (from The Dirty Pulse, 2006)
Geoff Smith "If This Geek Ruled The World"

Total Time—35:19


Anonymous said...

we're last minute from italy thanks for the last post. We were honoured to be on your podshow! See ya

Danny Tran said...

Hey just wanted to say thanks for playing our song "Be A Reason" in Podcast #43! We'd be more than happy to contribute anything else to your podcast that you need ... more songs/interviews/call sign shoutouts ... (i.e. We are Everyday Atlas and you're listening to Suitcase Full of Dimes!) Just let us know :)

Take care!
Danny from Everyday Atlas