Saturday, May 05, 2007

42: A Sweet Evil Thing

Very late tonight. I got stuck in PetSmart talking to this crazy cat lady for-freakin-ever! That's my excuse for a late episode: cornered by a crazy cat lady! Of course, the more I think about it, the more I wonder if I'm not the crazy cat guy.

Anyway, good show tonight despite the delays. And the big flub in the third break (it's no longer if I flub, but when; if you had 28 minutes and 54 seconds in the pool this week, you're the big winner!). Well, at least the music is great. And relatively free of cats.

Dime No. 42: A Sweet Evil Thing

Chris Hardy "Help Me Get The Picture"
Chris Church "You Better Move On Now, Baby" (from Let The Echo Decide, 2004)
Geoff Smith "Digg The Code"
Fireking "Blue" (from Live A Little, Love A Little, 2001)
Dropkick "Can't Help It" (from Turning Circles, 2007)
edibleRed "Sugar and Spring" (from Welcome To My Bad Behavior, Available on May 22nd, 2007)
Junior "She's So Amazing" (from Are We Famous Yet?, Available on June 5, 2007)
The Tattle Tales "Armageddon Girl" (from Hearts In Tune, 2006)
Grand Atlantic "Smoke and Mirrors" (from This Is Grand Atlantic, 2007)
The Daisy Riots "Girls Don't Play Lego" (from Sandhills Demos, 2007)

Total Time—33:14

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