Friday, May 25, 2007

48: Chinese Fire Drill

I recorded this late Thursday night for an early Friday posting. So nobody is allowed to complain that this one went up late. Not sure if there will be a Memorial Day show yet or not. It'll depend on how my weekend goes. But for now, enjoy this one.

Dime No. 48: Chinese Fire Drill

Holtz "Fall In Love With Me" (from Leaving New York, 2007)
The Time Beings "Make Up Your Mind" (from Journey To Tyme With The Time Beings, 2007)
The Queue "God Save The Queen" (from The White Label Demos, 2007)
John Hoskinson "Uncharacteristic (It Must Be You)" (from Miscellaneous Heathen, 2006)
Ingrid Michaelson "Breakable" (from Girls and Boys, 2006)
Moxie "Come Around" (from Retrospective, 2007)
Rachael Sage "Wildflower" (from The Blistering Sun, 2006)
The K's "Thirteen Steps" (from Can't Get It Together)
The Kellys "That Day" (from Overture EP, 2007)
The Mooney Suzuki "99 Percent" (from Have Mercy, available June 19, 2007)

Total Time—38:04

Leaving New York

Download "Fall In Love With Me" (mp3)
from "Leaving New York"
by Holtz
All Star Rising

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    The Blistering Sun

    Download "Wildflower" (mp3)
    from "The Blistering Sun"
    by Rachael Sage
    MPress Records

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