Sunday, May 13, 2007

44: Hi Mom!

I haven't done a themed show in months, so Happy Mother's Day. This one's all podsafe. If you like what you hear, check out the artist's other tracks and definitely let them know where you heard their music.

Dime No. 44: Hi Mom!

Hector On Stilts "Mom's In Love Again" (from Same Height Relation, 2005)
Bender X "Soccer Mom" (from Hooks, 2003)
Paul and Storm "Mother's Day Song" (from News To Us, 2006)
The Blue Alarm "When Mothers Conspire" (from Astronauts and Angels, 2004)
Trucker Cleavage "Single Mother"
The Alice Project "Happy Mother's Day" (available online at the Podsafe Music Network)
Kevin Reeves "Mother" (from It's About Time, 2006) (available online at the Podsafe Music Network)
The Happy, Happy Jihads "Martians Ate My Mom"
Jordan Doucette "Dear Mother" (from Lie To You, 2004)
The Court and Spark "Your Mother Was The Lightning" (from Hearts, 2006)

Total Time—36:34

Download "Your Mother Was The Lightning" (mp3)

from "Hearts"
by The Court and Spark
Absolutely Kosher

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