Wednesday, July 04, 2007

54: Hitsville USA

Enjoy the fireworks tonight and enjoy this special Independence Day themed show today!

Dime No. 54: Hitsville USA

The Vinyl Strangers "Patriotic Girl" (from The Vinyl Strangers, 2006)
George Thorogood and the Destroyers "Any Town USA" (from The Hard Stuff, 2006)
Bad Religion "American Jesus" (from Recipe For Hate, 1993)
American Heartbreak "Things Are Looking Up" (from American Heartbreak, 2006)
Jack In The Pulpit "Another Year In America" (from Life Goes On, 2005)
The Old Ceremony "American Romeo" (from The Old Ceremony, 2005)
The Rewinds "New Shade Of Red" (from The Rewinds, 2006)
Johnny O and the Jerks "White Knuckle Rock 'n' Roll" (from Taking Out The Trashabilly, 2006)
Rookie Of The Year "The Blue Roses" (from The Goodnight Moon, 2006)
Vanessa Peters and Ice Cream On Mondays "Fireworks" (from Little Films, 2006)

Total Time—38:01

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