Saturday, July 28, 2007

58: All Their Dragons In Their Dungeons

Another fun show. Another trivia question. It was going to be a "Common Bond" question, but the bond was way too easy for the music buffs that listen to this show. And, hey, another reminder to send in those podsafe music requests by voice, email, or blog comment. You only have like, what, two weeks?

Dime No. 58: All Their Dragons In Their Dungeons

H-Beam "Fantasy Life" (from Oojah, 2006)
Black Tie Revue "Too Much Thinking" (from Code Fun, 2007)
Shadow Circus "Storm Rider" (from Welcome To The Freakroom, 2007)
Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band "Banjo Boy" (from Dream Big, 2007)
1000 Miles From Home "The Man" (from Collusion, 2007)
Ingrid Michaelson "Die Alone" (from Girls and Boys, 2006)
Brothers In Stereo "The Worst Crowd" (from Brothers In Stereo, 2006)
Glen Reynolds "Wonderland" (from In Between Days, 2007)
Strangers In Wonderland "As Long As I Don't Cry"
Rob Szabo "Trampoline" (from A Battery Of Tests, 2003)

Total Time—43:40

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H-Beam said...

Great show! Thanks for supporting H-Beam ( LOVE the trivia question!

Kelly Fenton
NOTeNEF Promotions
Nashville, TN