Friday, July 13, 2007

56: Making The Grass Grow

Little things are bound to go wrong on any Friday the 13th. Despite some minor glitches with the show—the usual flubs on my part and one track at 56kbps that I didn't realize until after I played it and looked at the file—despite all that, it's been a pretty good day, which started with a great deal on Cheap Trick's "Music For Hangovers."

Dime No. 56: Making The Grass Grow

Jeff Yankauer "Good Luck" (unreleased, 2007)
John Taglieri "Leap of Faith" (from Leap of Faith, 1999)
Alamance "Waiting On You" (from Waiting For You EP, 2007)
Black Lab "The Real You" (from Passion Leaves A Trace, 2007)
Lords of Altamont "She Cried" (from Lords Have Mercy, 2005)
Erik Scott Smith "Nothing To Prove" (from B-Sides and Rarities, 2006)
The States "The Architect" (from The Path of Least Resistance, available August 14, 2007)
Spanking Charlene "Field Trip" (from Dismissed With A Kiss, 2006)
Shadow Circus "Radio People" (from Welcome To The Freakroom, 2007)
Self Righteous Brothers "Sidecar Jesus" (from The Squirrel of Life, 2007)

Total Time—42:10

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