Saturday, July 21, 2007

57: As Deep As It Is Wide

This day-late episode of Suitcase features some great great new music and an old favorite. Enjoy, and be sure to leave comments here, emails there, and voicemails out back, to get your favorites from past shows played on our upcoming sixtieth episode.

Dime No. 57: As Deep As It Is Wide

Peter Searcy "I Believe" (from Spark, 2007)
The Surefire Way "Good Stuff" (from Ask Me For More, 2007)
Lucky Day "Rainy Days" (from All My Rainy Days EP, 2006)
Mayday Parade "Black Cat" (from A Lesson In Romantics, 2007)
Cinder Road "Get In, Get Out" (from Superhuman, 2007)
The Malloys "Come Down" (from Naughty Naughty EP, 2007)
Douglas James Davenport "Old Rockers, New Records"
Matt Stern "Good Boy" (from Songs For The Wandering Spirit, 2007)
Lindsay Anderson "The Sea and the Storm" (from If, available August 21, 2007 on Minty Fresh Records)
The Malamondos "Condoms & Candy" (from It's A Bad Word, Baby!, 2007)

Total Time—37:19

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