Monday, August 27, 2007

63: One

Very late show thanks to some equipment issues over the weekend. I managed to work around the problem tonight and get the show recorded, but issues still remain. Cross your fingers that I'll have it figured out by next weekend.

Dime No. 63: One

Dirty Proper "1976" (from Here To Remind You, 2007) Buy the CD
The Everyday People "Scenario" (from Catch Me, 2007)
Sharelle "Fog" (from Magnanimous EP, 2007) Buy the CD
Limbeck "Trouble" (from Limbeck, 2007)
Nicholas Alan "Hollywood" (from A World Like Ours, 2005) Buy the CD
Exploder "Catalina"
The Windupdeads "Options" (from The Giveaway, 2007)
Tripsitter "Divine" (from California Son, 2004) Buy the CD
The Good Luck Joes "Invincible" (from Why Everything Goes Wrong EP, 2007) Buy the CD
Company of Thieves "Pressure" (from Ordinary Riches, 2007) Buy the CD

Total Time—43:57

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