Monday, August 13, 2007

61: Hammer of the Pods

There was so much great music added to the PMN this week that I couldn't wait for Friday. So enjoy this bonus episode and, if you like the tunes, check out the rest of the CDs on CD Baby.

Dime No. 61: Hammer Of The Pods

3 Blind Mice "I'm So Tired" (from Good Grief, 2007) Buy the CD
Nelson Bragg "Tell Me I'm Wrong" (from Day Into Night, 2006) Buy the CD
Ann Wilson "Immigrant Song" (from Hope and Glory, available September 11, 2007)
Peter Katz and the Curious "Slate" (from More Nights, 2007) Buy the CD
A Rex "Rock 'n' Roll" (from Moving Backwards, 2007) Buy the CD
Tripsitter "Let Me Know You" (from California Son, 2004) Buy the CD
Edmund's Crown "Company Man" (from Regrets of a Company Man, 2006) Buy the CD
Valley Lodge "Hanging On" (from Valley Lodge, 2007) Buy the CD
The Creamsicles "Livin' 4 The Nite" (from The Perfect Girl, 2006)
Every Avenue "One More Song" (from Ah! EP, 2007)

Total Time—39:54

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