Friday, August 10, 2007

60: Hooked Again II

If television shows can have the occasional "flashback" episode, why can't I? Here are some of the most awesome tracks tracks from the last few months. I hope no one heard my stomach growling during the show. Maybe recording these shows around dinner time isn't such a great idea.

Dime No. 60: Hooked Again II

Shadow Circus "Radio People" (from Welcome To The Freakroom, 2007)
The Ribbon Device "Young and Beautiful" (from Saturation Day, 2006)
The Grey Race "Care Of Cell 44" (from The Grey Race EP, 2007)
Man Bites God "Peppermint Superfrog" (from Peppermint Superfrog, 2007)
Songwriters Show Promo
John Hoskinson "She's Changing My Mind" (from Pancho Fantastico, 2007)
The Nadas "Listen Through The Static" (from Listen Through The Static, 2005)
The Vinyl Strangers "Patriotic Girl" (from The Vinyl Strangers, 2006)
H-Beam "Bang" (from Oojah EP, 2006)
The Queue "God Save The Queen" (from The White Label Demos, 2007)
Peter Searcy "I Believe" (from Spark, 2007)

Total Time—37:29

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Anonymous said...


Thanks again for playing "She's Changing My Mind" on your podcast

John Hoskinson