Friday, August 03, 2007

59: Take It From The Man

Playing a little bit of "catch up" on tonight's episode. And I think I messed up on the Louie Zagoras track and called it "Twenty Fingers"; the song's title is actually "Waiting For The Sun." Sorry, Louie. It really has been a long week. This is one weekend that couldn't get here fast enough.

Dime No. 59: Take It From The Man

The Krinkles "Friday Night" (from 3: The Mordorlorff Collection, 2007)
Girls Stuff "Blue"
2am "On My Way" (from 2am, 2006)
21 Against "Dumb" (from Nothing To Write Home About, 2005)
Rob Szabo "If I Could Do It All Again" (from A Battery Of Tests, 2003)
Bert Susanka "So Many Tears" (from Onward Christian Slater, 2007)
Sea Dragons "Sweet Delilah" (from Sea Dragons EP, 2007)
Louie Zagoras "Waiting For The Sun" (from Twenty Fingers, 2007)
ArmsUp "My Girl" (from ...Not From Montreal, 2007)
Todd Carey "Watching Waiting" (from Watching Waiting, 2007)

Total Time—41:41

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